Thread regarding W.W. Grainger Inc. layoffs

The Decline of GWW

GWW. In downward spiral

AMZN is approaching $1000

AMZN is driving GWW to lower prices

Top 1% continues to dump stock

Don't worry Jim Ryan has a committee keeping an eye on AMZN .

It painful to watch this once awesome company decline

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Da. AMZN declared a manopoly

You are a 20 century dinasor

Customers love Amazons lower prices

Suppliers are starting to realize they can make more profit selling on Amazons platform cutting out the middle man

they can meet customers needs just as fast or even faster thru AMZN lower cost awesome

logistic network

Speed is the key to survival

your old school thinking is being disrupted

Take your golden parachute & get out of the way

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As someone mentioned earlier, Deb O has it under control. Lol. Wait maybe DG does.. hey how about dumb and dumber have it under control. Wait, that's not it, the answer is Panama..yeah...that's it ...

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Waiting for government to break AMZN up

😀Your screwed DG


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September 2019: AMZN is declared a monopoly, split into 18 units

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