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Layoffs at Sonic

Sonic had such poor profits in the last few quarters they have started laying off critical management at dealerships in their critical money-making areas. No severance, longevity with company irrelevant. No wonder they were trying to avoid getting unionized. Leadership didn't even try to determine other ways to cut costs. Their company will continue to go downhill with this poor leadership.

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agreed. I was in the Corp office. no notice no severance and benefits ended at midnight.

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I just got let go after 7 years of solid work by the very company that I admired and put my heart and soul to . Sonic has dropped me like a used up wash cloth. With a baby on the way, it feels twice as painful. I've never felt so betrayed by a company that I went above and beyond even spending my own money for car washes for associates because we did'nt have a detail dept, buying wkend lunches for sales people because we didnt have an acct. w food places. Today I was not a person when they let me go, I was an expense. Jeff, if you are reading this, I have looked up to you as my role model for many years, but if working my butt off and doing everything you preached and executing our playbook with all my abilities leads me to today, then I made a mistake picking my role model.

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