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A company on life support!

Stock plummets to 59. Over 800 layoffs YTD. Anthem leaving in 2019. Employees fearful of losing their jobs. Terrible senior management....sounds like Disaster RX Company!

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i hope that doesn't happen, look im a person that has a good track record as far as jobs, and i was only with express scripts for a short time you could say i'm a cop out thats probably true. I was on a performance plan and i was improving but i was let go, no explanation either. Doesn't matter a fail is a fail. Funny thing is I remember everyone just about everyone that was in my training class, the faces, personalities, the oddities. And I remember those special few that touched me in a genuine way, I know that sounds weird and when I went on the floor, I remember those people in that line. I remember it as like lines in hockey. I don't know what position i was in 1st 2nd or 3rd or 4th line or even the checking line, but i remember my line mates, not there names just there faces and personalities. and i remember the line behind me who were experienced veterans. Last thing I want is for those linesmen to lose there positions and having to go to another league to start over and rebuild. I know its weird.......... I cared about those people alot i still think and i still wonder if they got what they deserved..... a promotion, a pay raise, awards, etc. They were one of a kind esp the training class and the people who came from the backend

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No one can say they didn't see the writing on the wall. Just look through these threads from the last 6 months. Yes, they are anon's- but backed by 'after the fact' articles.

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