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Layoffs, Growth, Potential and Micromanagement at Adobe

I’ve been with Adobe for about 9 years now, so I’ve seen good and bad years as well. Overall things are not as bad as you see in some other tech companies today (enterprise software, etc.) – We do have layoffs, it’s almost an annual thing and people are used to here at Adobe, often they will make sure poor performers are let go – or sometimes it is just Adobe trying to reorg and some folks are deemed redundant.

Aside from this my major complaint is about micro-management which seems to be ubiquitous throughout the organization, it’s just part of the culture – you will be micromanaged if you land a job here. Some people cope with this better than others, in some respects it helps with quality, but at the same time it’s hard to work when you need to do reports all the time and when people are combing though your work and every single issue you have is exposed… Not sure if folks at the top know about this, they are kind of detached just doing high level stuff, but whatever – be frank to yourself and answer the question: can I handle micromanagement – that should tell you if this is the right place for you…

Finally, I love the Lehi building, the work environment is great with a ton of perks, freebies and amenities – couple that with very smart and talented (self driven) teams, you get a company that will be successful for decades to come… Yet, when it comes to re-orgs and layoffs – get ready – you cannot avoid that at Adobe…

Good luck…

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