Thread regarding RPM International Inc. layoffs

Signs of Layoffs Coming

The most obvious sign layoffs are coming:

  • Executives hint at layoffs using other terms, like 'restructuring' "downsizing," "reorganizing," "incremental synergies," organizational efficiency," "offshoring," "streamlining," "headcount reductions" "workforce rebalancing." "simplifying structure," "organizational improvements," "right-sizing," "simplification," and "delayering,"

  • Company starts giving 'non-negotiable' job offer, assignments or projects to employees and or retirements are forced, benefits cut, packages or incentives offered to resign now

  • Company is trying desperately to save its dying flagship product or business

  • A WARN notice has been issued. If more than 250 full-time employees are being let go a company must file a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) with the state's Department of Labor (DOL) 90 days prior to the layoffs. This is public information that can be found on a state's DOL website.

  • Company gets acquired or has a merger or talks about a merger or IPO flops. Mergers frequently lead to layoffs to eliminate duplication.

  • Company is aggressively hiring new employees in a business that is not growing at a similar rate. Normally these new employees are hired at lower cost to replace older and higher cost employees.

  • New H1B hires or transfers and training of overseas functions, branches and employees.

  • "Synergy" is a word that should terrify employees: "Synergy is what you get when you eliminate redundancies in your efforts to cut costs."

  • There's already been a round of layoffs. The first round of layoffs is rarely the last.

  • You're invited to a group meeting with the department head, and ther personal assistant confirms with you that you'll be there.

  • Internal job postings get taken down or not filled.

  • You're expected to do more with less and budgets dramatically cut or reduced.

  • Your role and responsibilities are shifted, split or to be shared with a coworker.

  • People are told they can't work from home or must report to the office on a specific day.

  • The higher-ups take steps to 'improve efficiencies' and eliminate redundancy.

  • Bringing in consultants to examine processes.

  • Company brings in a new board-appointed CFO to look over the books.

  • Higher-ups start quitting or if they start heading for the exits.

  • If you start to get ton of questions about what you do.

  • Requests to share passwords, training documents, and other things that may not be written down are sometimes done to smooth impending dismissals.

  • The discretionary stuff is eliminated or starts to go are signs reduction-in-force is coming.

  • Cost control policies implemented and expense accounts very closely monitored or curtailed

  • Company bills aren't getting paid or supplier payments terms are ever increasingly over due.

  • The uprooting of plants, offices and functions, shifts to overseas in low wage countries.

  • "Rumors and speculation of possible layoffs coming"

  • Conference rooms are booked by HR all day meetings or HR off-site meetings are signs big changes are coming.

  • HR folks prefer to deliver bad news like layoffs in private and behind closed doors.

  • You notice ramped-up security.

  • Your access to work accounts and work related info begins to be limited or denied.

  • If you're locked out of password-protected, company-monitored accounts.

  • Managers are suddenly pulled into a series of meetings that span a few days.

  • If managers find it difficult to directly answer questions about what is going on with all the meetings, this could serve as confirmation.

  • You stop getting invited to important meetings.

  • Upper management avoids eye contact or try to avoid you.

  • There are more tissue boxes than usual around.

  • There are a lot of empty boxes around.

  • Memos to employees detailing imminent layoffs.

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