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Third Day of Slaughter House (MetricStream)

The days are over when people had such an integrity that if a rail accident happens, the Prime Minister resigns taking all the accountability on themselves. In today's world, the big fish just blames the small fish for not being efficient. Nobody realizes that why the small fish in not efficient.

Gone are the days when you look at the company and its market size and decide to join it. Always look what is in there for you. How much you are contributing? What is the visibility of your work (trust me selling is everything - so many people who hardly work but please their managers will survive any slowdown/layoffs)? It human nature to appreciate what you see and hear. No manager will go and sell you for your hard work if you are not selling yourself.

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I survived this cut! lucky me. I thought out of the 130 people asked to go, most of them were big fish, people managers, supervisors, etc. Some were good performers though but did not fit into the new business model. This is good time for people like me as we are no a leaner, efficient engine now.

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