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No logic or no brain used by management for firing

First message to employees still with MetricStream.....move out in next three months otherwise you will be in the carogiry of people who are writing reviewes. If you have completed 5 years or 10 years you should go out immediately, if you don't then next is you.

Nothing will happen in case your manager is per to top management and become per to your manager - you will be safe. Keep observing how the relations of your manager with top management who sit in US. Reduce work time and focus on these things, anyway if you work you will be fired. If you want to be in MetricStream then you have to dance to your boss music or you and your boss should be same religion or you and your boss should be same region - if you don't fall any of those categories then stop reading this and start reading something for interviews. These guys are sending people who worked hard for 10+years, what are you?

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Those who survived the layoff are the ppl will be kicked out all the best. This company is disastrous and the management is sick and uninspiring. Good riddance.

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The true leaders also have a family to look after and EMIs to IMHO as far as there was fairness in selecting the retrenched candidates, I am fine. Most people managers / redundant roles have gone making MetricStream nimble. I hope we (till pink slip separates us) can deliver with this team. If this cannot make it, nothing can.

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True leaders sacrifice their jobs for their people. In this company, leaders are sacrificing people to save their jobs!

No leader whats to take the failure of M7. Utter failure of planning of the management. The chairman and the CEO behave like butchers to their direct reportees/whom they interact with. The same attitude percolates down the hierarchy.

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Cuts cuts

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