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Never take your job for granted. Be useful in whatever way possible

I was in the 'not so lucky' list of employees. I felt my position may not be required but was lazy to not look out. I was called for a meeting and I understood why :(. My BU head explained the situation and handled it in the best possible way I thought. I was given an option called the 'Garden leave' , that means I continue on the rolls, while I get 2 months salary and look out for a role. Metric stream offered to process my resume with their partners (good companies - KPMG, Wipro, CTS.. etc.) and I willingly agreed - hope something comes out of that. My BU head has personally reached out to his contacts and gave me a few leads. I had my first tele-con on 30th June and interview planned on 03 hoping for the goes on and lesson learnt "Never take your job for granted"

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