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This was long time coming

Although it is a shame to see another Marcellus company disappear, and a few decent people lose there jobs R.I.C.E. employees had to be blind not to see this coming.

I mean there has rarely been a company out there with so much smoke blown up there rears on such a regular basis.

The entire outfits popularity contest got started by a bunch of cryptozoologists and comic book dorks naming their wells, weight lifters and frat boy junior level recruits spreading the word of how massive there openers where at bars, and signing on a bunch of worthless hillbilly environmental and engineering consultants to spread the word about how sweet their pick-up trucks were around West Virginia so the DEP would leave them alone.

Somehow this all snowballed into a massively popular name that everyone thought they wanted to be part of, including investors that roded things right up till the Rice Boys couldn't hold back the Oh Face any longer...

So much this, @NR0tDw6-bmmb.

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Whoever wrote the original statement doesn’t even know proper grammar, in the second paragraph. Let alone write a comment! There versus Their?

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Sounds like you couldn't make it at Rice and you got let go. Work load was too much for you?

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It's a small thing, but I'll take the well names over the regular run of the mill stuff any day. I'd rather be working on F---YEAH 1H or something than John Smith Well #14.

No it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but if you can name something in a marginally more fun way, why not?

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