Thread regarding Microsoft Corp. layoffs

Not sure what's the purpose of this board, everything had been detailed out on the call today at 8am

I guess I am confused

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+1 on h1b comment AND on the other visa types, specifically from Ireland to Redmond. Just too many cases like these in Bing and Office in the past 5 years.

Both products, by the by, losing money by the hour.

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Well lucky you 'cos Oracle says nothing , nada , zilch

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You will see the number next week on quarterly results - how many are affected. Yesterday was smoke screen.

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You must work for the HR department.

But just so that you know the purpose of this board is to speculate about layoffs, report abuse at work (h1b promoting while firing Americans), inform prospects about work environment and much more.

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Yeah, everyone's still nervous. Hope someone posts more details soon.

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op, had you been (truly) on the call, you would have known that there is so much still unanswered

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I do not think we know who'll be affected, that's what people care about - the call was 'strategic' in nature which is fine but I think most folks primarily care about 'what does this mean for me' - that has not been answered. Still confused?

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