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My Honest Opinion...!!!

Metricstream - Disgusting Culture, Fraud Top Management, Sick Thought Process and Worst company ever worked for.

It is an UNLISTED INDIAN company which markets itself as US based MNC. No annual report published anywhere and hence you don’t come to know the performance of the organization.

Thought Process - Cheat the companies that are outside India and back in India…, torture people till death to meet the arbitrary delivery dates committed to get the business. Later, let the customer die with un-cooked applications and let the resources die in the office. We’ll fire them in appraisal and get new resources.

It’s a 24 x 7 company. is no concept of shifts. Once hired, you’ll have to work 24 x 7. If not, you know what’s coming your way in the name of appraisals.  After your day’s work, you’ll have meetings @ 11 p.m, 1 AM, 4 AM….and yes, you should report on time next day. You will need to apply for leave to NOT TO COME on Saturdays-Sundays. You should be available on phone, what’s app, mail, conference calls, customer calls during this period. Else...we’ll see you in appraisals..!!

Once you join here – be prepared to abstain from family life and finally divorce your wife as you’ll start sleeping in the office. Be prepared to get all diseases – hypertension, diabetes, sugar very soon. Majority of staff is un-healthy.

Roughly 500-600 people fired without any notice, alarm or warning in last 1 year [2016 - 2017 June]. Wednesday – 28th June, 2017 – 250 employees fired all of a sudden with no reasoning. Asked to submit the laptop and go home. No discussion with anyone.

Same thing happened in 2008 too.

There are layoffs in other companies as well – what’s the fuss….? True. Other companies lay off 500 – 1000 employees out of 50,000 / 1 lac employees which is 1 – 2 %. Metrcistream lays off 500-800 employees [without any notice] out of 1400 – 1600 total strength which is what…? 50 – 60 %. Now your jaw dropped….right…? Something seriously wrong – hmmm-read point no. 2 above once again.

Till 2014 – women employees used to go home by 12 mid night, 1, 2, 3 AM – WITHOUT ANY CAB FACILITY. Yes, they used to make their own arrangements. Later they had to change this due to pressure from government to not to ask female employees stay in office till late hours. They now provide laptop so that you can work 24 x 7.

Onsite travel – how dare you ask that…? It’s an Indian company so everything is in India except the top management who go to the field and cheat the clients.

In my tenure – I have seen 3 people collapsing [Fell unconscious] in the premises since they had not slept for 48 hours. 2 young aged people died as they could not take the huge pressure – YES, You read it correctly.

Metricstream actually started in 1998 – even in 2017 they term it as STARTUP…!! [So that you don’t question them on their policies] So, it’s basically a 20 year old guy which you should treat as a kid because it hasn’t grown yet. 

Believe it or not – they don’t have an HRMS yet. Under the name of cost cutting – they have deployed a cheap system which does not record your timings properly. There are lots of misses every week. So, next time your subordinate comes and tells that he was present on xyz date – you cannot go back and get the proof.

People from good companies, good academic back-ground don’t stay here beyond 3-6 months. Majority of staff here is something who cannot find a job outside – just a piece of furniture. Criteria to work here is not knowledge or experience – it’s that donkey-ness [Sleep in office culture] that you can show to survive. Else, we’ll see you in…..? Appraisals – yes…!!

Last but not the least – ALL good reviews you see in Google, Glasdoor etc. – are PAID UP reviews. At one point, the rating came down to 1 out of 5 and people stopped coming even for interviews. Here is when the management were asked to publish all good PAID UP reviews. This was one of their MBOs. Yes, you read it right – they have all such things as their MBOs.

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very very nice analysis...!!! It's one of the the perfect reviews about metricstream.

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fundoo analysis with in-depth assessment...!!!

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I got the offer but did not join Metricstream. All reviews especially this one helped me understand the company's culture better. Thanks.

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Very useful and meaningful review. Thanks.

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Very good and meaningful review with facts...!! This will help others to make a good decision.

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Awwwwesome Review of METRICSTREAM INFOTECH....!!!!

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What a perfect review....!! Nothing to add more....all covered and explained.

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Honest review ever for MetricStream.

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Great review... Good luck for the employees who still haven't started looking for job.

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The best review i saw about MetricStream..i was lucky to escape from there in 2015 after a miserable one year.

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Wonderful and Perfect review...!!

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Exactly.. Thank god I left this slaughter house in time.

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Excellent analysis. Thanks.

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