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Reorg Memo - Althoff/Courtois/Capossela - the change is coming...

There you go - Reorg Memo - Althoff/Courtois/Capossela

It's all about opportunities, we are talking trillions here - so do not despair:

There is an enormous $4.5 trillion market opportunity across our Commercial and Consumer businesses. We are uniquely positioned to drive our customers’ and partners’ success by leading them through their digital transformations, and becoming their partner of choice. To help us do that, starting today, we begin to implement changes to our Commercial and Consumer models. These changes will position us to best meet the evolving needs of our customers and partners, and empower them to achieve more.

To lead this digital transformation and capture this opportunity, the changes we are announcing have been shaped on the following growth drivers, which will enable us to align the right resources for the right customer at the right time.

Here is where the money will be coming from, the growth pillars:

Empower commercial and consumer customers and partners to digitally transform.

  • Build solutions effectively with customers and partners.

  • Align our selling and partnering efforts by industry for greater digital impact

  • Increase our technical depth and better align sales and services to solution areas

  • Increase our focus on customer success, both directly and through partners

  • Scale our breadth motions to provide greater support for small, medium and corporate customers

Changes across the A14: If you thought we'll be fine after this, think twice - the change is coming sooner than you expect:

Over the past year, we have made changes to how we operate internally with an eye on improving the customer, partner, and employee experience. We will build on these changes to enable faster decision making, increase our response to customers and partners, and continue to learn and grow. We have listened to our customers, partners, and employees worldwide, and have gained market insights to chart a bold path forward.

We are announcing changes across the A14 (14 Areas), subject to local law, that take into account the unique attributes of our Single Sub Areas, and Multi-Sub Areas. Your leaders will share the specific details about these changes in the coming days.

Also, warm greetings (sic) to our ISVs:

We will continue to support ISV partners with dedicated software engineering resources, and accelerate cloud growth through our Global Developer Evangelism programs

And customers...

We are creating end user desire for the same creativity tools that people have at work through our modern workplace solution area powered by Surface, Windows Devices and Office 365...

Let's throw in some boardroom jargon and hot keywords here:

We will also launch new IoT vertical solutions and pursue new markets including voice, mixed reality and AI

Finally, let's wrap it up with a healthy dose of confidence and hope

We are confident that these changes position us to take full advantage of the opportunities before us and enable Microsoft to win in the consumer market

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The vague industry buzzwords don't really say anything substantive. (Translation: "We are going to try a different approach in hopes of making more money.")

I suspect that the shift to cloud computing may be an indication that the company is about to throw in the towel on global price discrimination. First, they tried to argue that copies made abroad were not subject to the first sale doctrine, but the US Supreme Court shot that down in 2013. Since then, they argue that they don't sell copies - they only license software. But that is a tough row to hoe, since they don't really exercise any substantive control over the DVDs they distribute. They also tried offering free downloads while charging for the activation key, but since keys are not copyrighted, they have no basis for enforcing price discrimination in keys if a key sold cheap in one country is arbitraged to a higher-priced country, undercutting the even higher price intended. So, the company's best solution for price discrimination may be to offer software as a service, where they can price discriminate at will without the risk that a legitimate arbitrage market can develop.

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With the current offerings blurring the lines between cloud and on-prem there's no commercial reason a Microsoftie's knowledge should be siloed to one world or another. The very human fact that they can't easily recall all the labyrinthine complexities might however be a complicating factor.

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sorry, a typo, doing this on my phone - should be aligned not "allengined"

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Commercial sales will be split into 2 groups: Big and Small/Medium-sized Customers.

Internally you'll be allengined to whatever industry you belong to:

  • manufacturing,

  • financial services,

  • retail,

  • health,

  • education,

  • government

Products will be grouped as follows:

  • modern workplace,

  • business applications,

  • apps and infrastructure and data and AI.

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