Thread regarding Microsoft Corp. layoffs

glad R&D and engineers spared this layoff round

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What does it mean by having an IR on your Connect? What does IR stand for?

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All of the engineers just laid off at Wilsonville Oregon (MS Surface Hub) will disagree with the OP. Entire site being shut down, future Surface Hub project work will be done in Redmond . Lots of very talented engineers, technicians, manufacturing being laid off (Monday July 10). Everyone packing their stuff into cardboard boxes.

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Well, if that's the case, then if you work with localization, search, content and ux... you should br worried too.

btw, dynamics teams in general, just get your resume ready too.

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For those people are level 65+ with the company 10+ years and doing nothing everyday, your time is come. If your "Connect" has more than one IR, you are probably done! Start packing and go to Amazon!

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correct choice of word...spared.

Must be awesome working under fear.

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This is about Sales reorg

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