Thread regarding Safeway Inc. layoffs

I don't think our store is going to last

The sales at our store have been declining for the past three years. Everyone here thinks that it's because the store manager doesn't know how to run a store. That appears to be true on the surface. However, if one starts to take a careful look at our area, they will have noticed two really large factories have gone out of business. And I'm 99% sure this has had an impact on our bottom line. This is because the food shop owner, who is next to our store, has told people that his sales have gone down by $3000 a month ever since the factories closed. So it stands to reason that this might explain why our sales are also down.

We might eventually get the sales back up. But now we also have the double whammy of minimum wage going up in conjunction with our building lease contract about to expire. And given how our landlord is a total d--k, I'm pretty sure he will jack up the rent. I say this because he did it to a shop in our plaza. As a result, the owner had to close the store.

We also have a lot of empty holes due to problems at the warehouse. I'm guessing this is due to the merger? Dunno, but I'm also pretty sure that is also hurting our bottom line.

And going off topic, some of the people at the corporate office need to be fired. It goes like this. A while back we had a hiring event. However, there were two gals from the corporate office that seemed more content on talking to whoever over Facebook from our stores computers! What the heck? It must be nice to be able to surf the web while at work! And the one gal was bragging about how they didn't have to work a holiday because they weren't at the store level.

Likewise, their one manager is a moron. I asked her a question, and her response had nothing to do with my inquiry. And she has done this on several occasions with me. I don't know if she just isn't paying attention or if her comprehension s---s. I suspect the latter because her written communication skills also are lacking.

But whatever. I just a Courtesy Clerk who apparently doesn't know what is going on.

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Now I might be pulling this one out of my butt, but like, the one business by us did some kind of rebrand. Maybe this has impacted our sales because they are now targeting a different marketing demographic?

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