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September another Layoff - Don't miss :)

MetricStreamers, another layoff is coming. Please look out for the job. First time after April layoff there were rumors that another layoff in September 2017. MetricStream Chairman and CEO called for all hands and said no more layoffs and April 2017 one is the last one. Not even two months completed from first round of layoffs again they terminated 300+ employees in June last week. This time Chairman and CEO do not show their face to employees so COO and CTO came for all hands and told again there won't be another layoff for this year. Wait for September 2017, you will see another layoff and get the no more layoffs for 2017 message from Executive Vice President and SVP Engineering.

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Why don't the fat a-- executives take a salary cut or pass on there income so others can keep their job and feed there family. Where is executive loyalty to the employee???? This company executives should be ashamed of them self and the way the company is run.

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That's correct.

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Next layoffs are Not in September, the target is to bring down employee count to 700-800 by mid of august. So one more layoffs, don't wait if your rating in last appraisal is less than 4. If you want to wait to take my comments seriously then mid of august is not too far.

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