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After 15yrs, bad review, preparing for exit...

I provide this as a cautionary tale to those at Msft who are getting older (say 40+), have been with the company for a while, and have drawn the wrong card when it comes to projects they get assigned to work on.

If you think you are more than one review cycle away from the door, you are deluded. The rank and yank culture is still alive and well, and would seem to handily also target those costing more who have been around longer. All it takes is a few random (maybe even unintentional) items of peer feedback, and it's out the door you could easily go.

if I learnt anything : don't get comfortable, keep learning, and most of all keep interviewing for the next job - both inside and outside....

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The last reply shows the mentality of the average employee - screw you and your family as long as I'm ok.

The curve is alive and well, and give enough peer review you will get screwed. If you have a choice of Msft or a smaller company without the churn and burn, choose the latter....

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Sep layoff is coming, start packing the stuff if you got an IR and zero rewards from your last connect. Try to drink as much as free stuff you can, soon you will be drinking water at home.

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Stay out of Tech jobs morons.

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I can talk to the peer feedback and my own layoff at MSFT. My peers/ "Workgroup" consistently provided negative feedback in successive "Connect" sessions. Perhaps they thought they were doing me good but these same folks who interacted daily and benefited from those interactions for their own careers didn't have the guts to say the same to my face. LOL

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