Thread regarding Siemens AG layoffs

Layoffs at CT in Princeton New Jersey

About 100. To be announced shortly.

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Sorry for all the missing and dislocated colleagues! You will be missed.

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CT layoffs officially announced. Body count expected to be in the dozens.

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enjoy the weekend... monday is game on. good luck everyone!

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If u r good, u will keep your job. Siemens is good company,,, I don't understand why ppl complain,,,,,,,,

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Requiring transfers? Get a clue. Siemens employees are happy to move with the company. To be allowed to remain part of this company is an honor reserved for very few.

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Meanwhile, the German workers unions won't let them lay off anyone. This means when Siemens needs to cut costs, American workers will always be disproportionately impacted. US is the single largest source of revenue for the company but the company treats American workers like disposable toilet paper.

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Requiring transfers is basically a job attrition program. A reduction in force by a different name.

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Yes transfers and it's not that bad. If you look at open job requisitions we are hiring a lot of people too..

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They're not all layoffs, don't lie. Lot of them will be xfers.

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