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Eyebrow raising activity related to treatment of women

Within my first six months at Xerium I watched execs layoff no less than five women over the age of 40 (two were women of color). The rationale was their jobs were being eliminated. However, in one case, a woman who had been with the company over five years was told her job was being eliminated. She was replaced within a month by a much younger woman who essentially did the same job but a a different pay grade and title. A month later the younger woman was promoted into the same job title of the older woman they had just let go. I don't know if they management there is that stupid or that ballsy. They must have given very good severance to keep these women from suing them because they had a good case for gender and age discrimination.

The CEO was often heard saying they need to hire more young people. My own boss even said that to me days after I was hired. They seemed to think having older, long term employees were the reason for all their problems when it was clear they suffered from poor executive leadership, bad culture and terrible treatment of employees.

Sure with the EEOC would check this company out.

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I remember that. I too was surprised these women didn't file a class action lawsuit against Xerium. They were totally in the wrong. In an office that small it's statistically impossible to eliminate that many positions, all coincidentally held by women over 40. They let go a male exec during that time but hired him back a few months later.

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