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New lay off..France &&&

US is approaching another major again MAJOR layoff in Business & in IT in the next 2 quarters.Houston will be a disaster

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Only Clean Team Basis, I am proud of being part of that .....

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QTC lead promised for Managers title plus GC that's done for Global PTR and SCM managers Courtesy little Twin Bro

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something is smoking and cooking in 6th floor - are any changes in the roles or budget cut or RIF's discussion is going on in Twin Brothers Room? Better to get out of this chaos ASAP

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"Twin Brothers" of 6th floor are unstable and that's why both of them are running to 5th floor to withstand the political pressure from SLB . The (Big Brother ) director might be demoted from his position soon...

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No business growth in US (Growth came down to 32.17% in the last 18 Months )

2017 revenue of $27.8 billion decreased 22% year-on-year, despite three quarters of activity from the Cameron Group that contributed $4.2 billion in revenue. Excluding Cameron, consolidated revenue declined 34%.).

So RIF is the only option left.

As most of you know the recent go-live of SAP is another big debacle on the IT side, few billions were lost so for and management is left with 2 options. Take it to offshore or scrap the SAP

Share price Trend of SLB will talk in Volume (started this year @ $84 and today @ $63 )

11th August 2017 $ 63.83

3rd July 2017 $ 66.97

1st June 2017 $69.78

1st May 2016 $72.30

3rd April 2017 $77.70

1st March 2017 $82.27

1st Feb 2017 $ 83.16

3rd January 2017 $ 84.80

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in general there will be a 25% RIF in the 3rd quarter

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