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Managers at Dreamworks are bullies

This is so true it's scary, this is exactly the reason I want to leave my work place, the managers are bullies, they treat all their staff like crap, they are rude, unreasonable, never polite,yell at us in front of customers, there is too many things to say, when I do finally leave I'm going to put this up in the staff room for all to see, thank you

You are not the only one who feels like this @tbnQdtP-ltlpx. Not everybody is the same, but there are enough rotten apples that it is getting harder and harder to go into work. Not sure what can be done about it, though...

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For some of you who are reading this, you might be surprised to read that the managers are bullies. I will try to explain. Dreamworks is a large company, with many layers of management. Even though the company makes movies, which seems exciting, in many ways it resembles any other boring large financial company or aerospace company. Like any big company, the middle managers are always being pressured to save money and produce more work. Perhaps you've read about companies that practice progressive management methods, that listen to what the employees say, and that try to promote a positive work environment. Dreamworks does not operate like that. What I saw consistently is that management motivates people using fear. I once gave a demo of some work in progress. Everyone in the room was happy with it, except my supervisor, who went out of her way to explain why they shouldn't be impressed with what I did. After working there for five years I couldn't take the pettiness anymore.

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