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Manager retaliation reported and conveniently ignored

After providing constructive critical feedback on different occasions to my manager, this person decided to retaliate by putting me on PIP for no good reason. Upon escalating what had happened to me to the skip level manager and head of HR - there was zero action taken against the manager or even so much as an inquiry.

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All of this is classic Microsoft, notorious for really bad management, leadership, and one of the worst HR Departments around. The peer daily 360 tattle tail culture also makes it impossible to be objective in evaluating people as all of this is driven by nasty politics, warring vp's and departments, and the incompetence of many founding staff that are still around and run things the way they always have. It's sad to watch...good luck to any of you who are going through this. There is life outside, much better quality and just waiting for you.

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Is it really worth the hassle to fight such a fight.

From a morals and ethics perspective, I'd say yes - fight the corporation.

From the business perspective, save your resources, fight some other fight.

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It really depends on what group you are aligned with (e.g., Bing is notoriously bad - including Bing Ads)

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I had a similar experience back when I worked for Bing Ads. Though there are some real rockstar engineers and research scientists in the group, it is plagued by politics, back stabbing, extreme favoritism and more all letting to a pathetic work environment.

I'm so glad those days are behind me. Not sure if other groups in Microsoft are also equally bad.

Only solution is to get out. There are so many better companies to work for.

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As soon as you sense them documenting you (emails titled you are underperforming etc, bad reviews, poor peer feedback, no bonus), it's time to look outside. It's almost impossible to get back on track again, and the desire to axe 10% annually is still alive and well (just hidden better).

The mental anguish of waiting for the layoff is not worth it unless you are 50+ and might get a severance. Otherwise get the hell out before they crush your life. I don't exaggerate, I have seen it happen to others, and lived it.

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So much politics at Msft. I have had peer feedback knife me in the back. Have managed 10+ people its a huge risk - stack ranking, ms poll etc etc. no more pay, huge headaches. I moved back to IC. Everyone trying to claw up to L65+ to avoid too long in level etc.

Almost no HR support anywhere. I would record and capture retaliation so you can negotiate for package if they try to axe you (which if perf poor they will). Oh - and better yet you can't move team so you are caught in a downward spiral (even if you could, new manager calls old for chat and end the interview loop).

Bottom line, start looking for new job. Yeah - I know, it's wrong, it shouldn't happen, Msft should help more. But you are the only person who cares about you. Don't wait for the next perf review or head chopping !

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Pretty much the only way to act against a manager is via MSPoll. But this requires good social skills to get your peers on the same page.

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Thank you all, for the response. I had worked for Microsoft for several years at the time and had a lot of respect and passion for the company and the work I was doing and from that point of view, I didn't want to draw public attention to this matter.

The take-away was -

  • Not all managers can stomach critical yet constructive feedback

  • There is nothing stopping a manager at Microsoft from making sure a person's career there is over

  • When there is an escalation, it is always the manager's word that is trusted

Getting laid off would have been one thing but this was just plain and simple betrayal. I had so much confidence in the system at Microsoft that I was always under the impression that any wrong-doing won't go un-noticed but that clearly wasn't the case. I don't know if this is only the case in the division I worked for or if this is the case all across the company.

As an ex-Microsoftie, while I'm really happy every time I read about Microsoft in the news about different produce success stories, the way my journey there ended just brings back bitterness.

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Some companies have an independent Ombudsman. Not that this person will be "fair" but at least will take things like social media and the consumer perception of the company into account.

Sadly, Microsoft has no such position, and in my experience HR is weak. Recruitment occurs through "v-" recruiters, and HR gets involved only in the layoff meeting. I know "Blue Badge" personnel with 5+ years of service whose only interaction with a FTE HR person was at the time of layoff. Unbelievable. Reeks of poor corporate management.

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That's why you should never go by corporate channels. Use social media instead. Post all his dirt here, FB, etc.

As a side benefit it makes it very entertaining for us

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Sorry to hear that. Anyone else here had similar situation?

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