Thread regarding Wells Fargo & Co. layoffs

Mortgage and Net Loyalty

2017 incentive plan was presented and then along came net loyalty. The math does not even make sense. Just another way to NOT pay

Incentive to employees. Maybe some attorney ought to take a look at this practice!!

Processors carrying piplines of less than 20 loans. Only a matter of

before more HLP layoffs.

At this time, it would be a welcome

relief. Embarrassed to say I work at Wells.

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yes, but then you run the risk of all the good jobs at other companies being taken by the time your layed off and looking for a job.

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dont quit - wait for severance

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upper management is safe and aint going nowhere. the board of directors will protect them. thats why there reshufflin the board instead of geting new directors

by | Post ID: @OM9n8X0-3wsp

Must be upper management saying talk is cheapo. Karma's b--ch. You wait and see.

by | Post ID: @OM9n8X0-3xab

to many wells fargo employees are so busy brown nosing to keep their jobs rather than doing there jobs

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Quit complaining and quit lmao..must be management saying that or someone with so much brown goo on their nose they can't see how bad everyone gets screwed. I'm with isjq...I'll wait for the layoff cause it's a comin'

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lol u know how the game is played at WF. very smart on your part!!!

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Why quit let WF layoff employees so they can get severance and unemployment benefits and in the meantime coast and shovel papers around. Although I must say they'll likely make the environment unbearable so to make employees quit but if they entire things goes south then let's go down together baby.

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talk is cheapo you dont like it then leave quit or stop complaining

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