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More layoffs coming at Unilever

Unilever will reduce FTE by 10-15% globally in 2017. There will be a 30% reduction in marketing from efficiencies of the new organisation. Finance will reduce roles 10-15%. Every other function, even those who have just done an FTE reduction, are in scope to remove more people.

Most HR, IT, and Finance roles have already been off-shored Bangalore or Manila, but any other role that can be moved from Europe or the US to a low cost country will go. However -- there will be layoffs in Bangalore as well, mostly in IT and Finance Services. The UK will also see layoffs, and some offices might close. There will be strict controls on hiring contractors, this time for real, with the entire process being centralised and requiring multiple approvals.

Unilever is swinging hard towards becoming a company that is only in D&E markets, and will continue to exit the developed world (unless the board wakes up and begins to do its job instead of just rubber stamping everything.)

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Marketing will get hammered. That's for sure.

More folks going digital, and print, TV dying... Stuff is moving onto Amazon and things are being changed radically.

2018 will be a bloody year for anyone in marketing/advertising

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