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Sore losers - Wells Fargo doesn't want team members like you.

You all are sore losers. Wells Fargo is the BEST company to work for. You all are just upset that you were not deemed important or valuable enough to help take Wells Fargo to higher levels.

As our great CEO Tim Sloan said, we're building a better, stronger Wells Fargo. That means we don't want or need you to help us on this journey to greatness. For those who are worthy, this is definitely a ride worth taking.

The truth is Wells Fargo has been collecting a lot of dead wood and dead weight for years. We're now finally getting serious about cutting you loose and focusing our efforts on a better, stronger future for a better, stronger Wells Fargo.

Just wait and see as Wells Fargo and those team members instrumental to its success return to its former glory and beyond (while you're all sulking and whining on this forum).

Make Wells Fargo great again!

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I've been a team member for 10+ years and can't blame people for leaving. Upper manager is terrible and it trickles down. The only reason I stay is I can do my job in my sleep and make decent money. Things were better with Wells Fargo before we stopped promoting from within. I'd recommend that you stop drinking the Wells Fargo Kool aid and start to questioning everything.

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ButtKiss yer way to the top!

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wow shameless praise of bank that forced its staff to create fake accounts and duped its customers.....

look at yourself in mirror

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I worked with Wells for 8 years, traveled the country, worked with all the higher ups in multiple regions of the USA. My fellow teammates were great, I had teammates tell me in 2013 how awful the banking process was, getting old people to open up 5-6 accounts. it was the management that was just awful. Regular employees had to do the job of the managers, they had no idea what they were doing. I used to be proud working for Wells because that company was never in the news. Now that I've seen first hand the horrible practices that they do (banking, auto loans, merchant services) I can honestly say I'm ashamed to have worked for them for so long. Luckily I cashed all my stocks and got out 2 years ago. Best decision of my life

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Wells Fargo is the worst company to work for so we know you're trolling.

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The OP is a troll - do not feed trolls - do not respond to trolls

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We know who you are. A classic Wells Fargo manager. Absuive, name calling, and degrading behavior. One thing they didn't teach you in the Wells Way management course is that we sore losers have the right to go to work without being bullied. We are not your possessions or punching bags. The management style at this Bank is so criminal. They say, do, whatever they feel like doing in the moment. I have seen managers pick on employees, leaving foul notes on their desks, managers dating employees, managers referring to team members and customers as dumb axxxx or full of xxxx on a daily basis, you name I have seen it. In my opinion team members are my heros. They take it and say it could be worse I could have (whoever they had before as a manager) as a manager. Remember things always come to an end. Yes, I am actively seeking other employment and I am proud I don't know the Wells Fargo Way.

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I never worked for Wells Fargo, don't even live in USA but wanted to pass a word along OP.

Gratz on your assignment. This post should piss lots of people off good and proper.

Maybe you'll get advanced after this, more than trolling forums.

Say Hi to the boys at the lodge for me will ya? Thanks.

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