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Layoffs were ongoing at Hanover

Company wanted to reduce expense to gain capital to acquire another company down the road. As a result expense management has been the mission. Over the last year as people left positions were not replaced. Layoffs have been occurring in small waves- mostly cleaning house but 2 weeks ago was the largest and this one hurt. This round just did not make sense. Many really talented and top performing leaders were let go. When compared to the people with jobs here- its really puzzling. They cut the middle level managers who do all the work but continue to hire VP's from D class insurers who don't even have college degrees. Hanover does not value their employees and morally and ethically rape you.

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re: VPs who don't have college case you hadn't noticed, not a single one of the 50 states requires a licensed insurance producer to "produce" proof of a high school diploma/GED. that being said, insurance is the gutter of the business sector, a way for working class good ole boys to work their way into junior management based on sales acumen alone. they got as far as they could before the yuppies/elitists with MBAs pushed them on out the door in the last 25-30 years. anybody who flopped as a captive agent can fanangle their way into most corporate insurance supervisory positions and add the useless outside the industry "designations" like CLU etc then why WOULD you pursue a 4 year degree when it is clearly not valued as much just to put in 10-20 years and coast into middle is what it is. THG is a joke of a brand and has no real presence outside of Michigan and Massachusetts, ranked in the mid-30s for super REGIONAL carriers, being in 30 for commercial and 17 for personal lines. Like what do people expect?! Its not even a Top 10-Top 20 national competitor. Small potatoes and I don't blame Joey Z for moving on after a year...THG is stuck in the 1860s and his plans for more diversity in ranks and products were met with a brick wall. I hope THG gets acquired...its a crappy company to work for, it doesn't matter which department, your supervisor likely has no college education/degree and probably got promoted for looking like Renee Zellwegger.

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