Thread regarding Wells Fargo & Co. layoffs

Reality vs fiction

if ya really wanna see how badly wells fargo businesses are doin, dont read the quarterly updates from tim sloan. instead read the financial websites like cnbc. theyll show you the real picture, not the fairytale that wells fargo senior management want you to believe as they win back your trust and the customers trust

You hit the nail on the head, @OMnscXb-3hsl. Those who enjoy good fiction should stick to in-company updates. If you want to learn what reality is, you will have to look for it outside.

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Surprise, surprise - Looks like a bunch more fake accounts were discovered! The stock is tanking today apparently due to the disclosure of a bunch more fake business. But the bank only looked back to 2009 and I know this fake business has been going on since 2001 so the amount of fake accounts far exceeds what the bank has disclosed. I don't know how these guys are winning new business when the news is so bad. Agree investors need to look at the financial statements to see business is performing, may be awhile before this bank can start growing its customers and real revenue.

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