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Senior leaders at Western Union are clueless

Being an ex-WU employee, I can say some of the WU way ideas were well intentioned. Overall, nothing changed since the start of the program. WU spent millions of dollars on consulting firms instead of listening to their employees who told them the exact same things.

"Senior" leaders at WU haven't got a clue on how to make the business better. They spew words like, "Customer centric" or "continuous improvement" when they really mean "profit growth" and "do what I say".

The culture in the San Francisco office is toxic at best. It all starts at the top. The dysfunctionality of the leadership team. The lack of ability to give credit to those making positive change, the lack of empowerment given to people who truly want to make the company better. The list goes on.

All I can say is best of luck to WU. I think they provide a great service to people around the world. They just need to wake up and realize the leadership is burning the company to the ground.

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They are still clueless. They think you can do Agile with cheap low skilled offshore developers. The technical debt at WU is MASSIVE. The prima donna ‘Digital’’ San Fran team LITERALLY hasn’t been able to deploy a release without hot fixes or rolling back the release in the last YEAR. The shameful implementation of Agile and SAFE is affecting other core points of sale systems as well now. Every other release of their retail tool is delayed or rolled back. C-suite execs are clueless sales/marketing types that have no operational leadership knowledge and only listen to positive sounding, yet complete BS, fluff from overpaid consultants and internal sycophants. Pretty Power Points that tell them what they want to hear are rewarded; constructive criticism and truth telling gets you uninvited from meetings, ignored, or labeled a “non-team player”.

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