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Panic in the Streets

So the euphoria over the Avaya acquisition is coming to a close - quickly. The leadership is realizing that they were sold a bill of goods, with grossly overstated networking business projections. Consequently, they have miss set Wall Street's expectations about revenue growth which will be a disaster when Q1 numbers are reported. Coming off a very nice Q4 and all the hype about how great the Avaya deal was, this will be a crushing blow to Extreme's stock price and will force the leadership to take drastic action to compensate - i.e. layoffs. This could even impact he planned Brocade DC acquisition and the company's market cap declines significantly.

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Can you update this? The stock price took quite a hit...

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@OTdvZuK sounds like a competitor that can't hold onto their routing business because the Telco's took a big sh!t on them....

Here are some facts about Extreme Networks:

  • Wall street is loving the new Extreme Networks as the best alternative to Cisco

  • Avaya was not just a weak acquisition, the portfolio (w/ PBB) and the (loyal) customers add tremendous value in addition to the voice expertise

  • Brocade's data center acquisition complements the product portfolio nicely with: deep buffer (SLX), DC fabric (VDX), lots of federal customers etc etc etc

Add all that to the existing enterprise networking, awesoe wireless and management solutions and now you see why JNPR, Arista, Cisco, HPE/Aruba and everyone else is scared sh!t less.

Rock On Extreme! The Stock Price Speaks for itself.

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Next stop - cost reduction. What's our biggest cost bucket? Labor.

Get ready.

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Can you detail the "grossly overstated networking business projections"?

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Sounds like the Enterasys acquisition all over again

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