Thread regarding Western Union Co. layoffs

We need a viable strategy at Western Union

WU has no cohesive or coherent strategy - especially with the IT systems and groups. The "WU Way" initiative is just fluffy BS we overpaid a consulting company for to say "lets make things better!" without any real substance. So instead of being more efficient by creating better systems and processes, and hiring competent IT leadership - they are going with a cheap 15 year old strategy that most companies already figured out doesn't work. The CEO and CIO/CTO/COO are nice, but incompetent, and both of them want to move back to the San Fran area when they are done with WU - so they want to expand the very expensive and overrated San Francisco office. In order to afford that, they need to downsize Denver and other offices, as well as move other functions to cheaper India.

Hit the nail on the head, @O1JtsBk-cqom.

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This is so very true - they could care less about WU and the WU Way - it's all about their personal interest

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