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Campus closings?

Any word on campus closings of schools that were on teach out? Cordon Bleu? Sanford Brown?

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Post ID: @OlZndrY-Mhlx, very realistic outlook and approach. We can do without the rant regarding military personnel, hopefully we can get away from stereotypes. How many of these military students or students in general are getting the individual support they need? Student population also includes students that drop out and return after a year (considered new students). In addition, if a student takes a session off and comes back they are considered enrolled the entire time. Food for thought on the direction of CEC.

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@OlZndrY-Bidx, thanks for your response. I'm sure you are largely right. But from time to time, someone does come forward. Over the years, I had people come forward from Everest, ITT Tech, and University of Phoenix. I must admit it's usually women. Sometimes it's faculty and staff, but sometimes it's also an enrollment person who just can't take the deception, no matter how good the pay check is. And I appreciate those people for coming forward and doing the honorable thing.

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Camden, it is a layoff forum and there are no layoffs happening at CTU. Simple as that.

Yes, people get fired all the time at CTU 'for cause' but these firings are spread out enough that people don't collectively pick up that something is amiss and that RIFs are happening. CTU avoids paying unemployment doing that. People only post here if they are collectively scared and are looking for info. At CTU, people are not scared enough yet. Give it a year?

Enrollment is down year-over-year, the meager gains they are posting on earnings calls (June call: +3.2% from 2016 is what, 600 more students than last year to date? whoppee) are just statistically adjusted metrics for what they consider a 'start'. Does not count the number of students who start, realize this diploma mill is not for them, and then leave again. They messed with the academic calendar to somehow make their numbers look better and they are also on a cost cutting bender.

The recent HLC visit didn't go so well despite all the positive rah rah propaganda coming from corporate. Maybe the HLC is finally waking up and getting a clue? Uh, nah. Everybody is in bed with each other at these accreditation jokes, the 'volunteer' auditors who are professors themselves will never hang another school out to dry. So there went any hope for accountability and making sure the joke curriculum gets updated to something that resembles college level work.

Why are we still here? Dude, its a job. Get a clue. Virtually nobody in these forums is on some high minded bender to 'right the wrong'. So a bunch of VA students get taken for a ride. Who cares. They were hopeless anyway. The vast majority washed out of the military because the military refused to promote them any higher because they are brainless grunts with just a stupid amount of personal issues so they shoved them out the door and at the civilian world. Thanks a bunch. Oh, and I'm supposed to thank some toilet scrubbing E3 for their service? ROFL. Not. The person that gets the limited thanks I have for this world is our nanny. That woman is a hero.

Look at the earnings report to see how they are progressing with teachouts of the schools that are closing. You can see how many students are left in each of the schools and when they anticipate to finally close the doors on LGB, SB, etc.

It is what it is Camden. Embrace the s---. Under Trump nothing will move much with regards to fixing this mess which is way bigger than just the for-profits anyway. The people working at these crap schools have mortgages, kids, sick family members needing $$$ for their care, little vacations they would like to take and a hope for a better tomorrow. They will sell anything to anybody to make that little world of theirs keep spinning for another week. That is the simple truth.

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What's with the culture of silence at Career Education? It looks like there are at least 50-100 people who look at the posts. Is everyone at Career Education happy? Is anyone afraid they will lose their job? How do you feel about the students?

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