Thread regarding Microsoft Corp. layoffs

More layoffs incoming?

It seems that Microsoft is planning to gift us with more changes and more job cuts. We will know more after the quarterly earnings call, I guess, but I am not optimistic...

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Yea, how did TM get in the door in the first place? Who was on that loop? Although there are so many GM Clowns still left that don't how to do anything except for get in the way of what needs to be done. I guess TM is one big and easy clown to pick on but he is not the only one for sure.

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please layoff all Office GMs. Bunch of egocentric, d---beat old timers who think Office is nothing more than art.

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just another gaap report. pc is a dead market. cloud is only attractive because wall street wants to see all big 4 cloud companies to be competing to each other, making them money.

Microsoft just ran away from fields it was once the only winner.

I am not concerned about layoffs, but where they are investing.

they cannot compete away from corporate business.

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Given the slow down in PC sales, I can imagine a bit of chopping happening around OSG. Perhaps Terry will move to cloud ? Then again I doubt he would make it through the interview loop :)

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read carefully the earnings. It is not coming from new seats or accounts, but merely fiscal manipulation.

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The rumors said is the coming Sep.

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Me neither

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