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Pathetic R&D group

I was working in R&D group of Metricstream for more than 4 years, I recently quit,I have no vested intrests, but wanted to share my opinion thinking it might help others and the company.If you want work with out any accountability please join R&D.

After the delaying the new version Platform, M7 for a one and half years and one BU heads gets promoted and another get promoted for delaying Applications for 2 years, but the team who worked per thier directions gets fired.Can you believe it?

Appraisals are are big joke here, Did you not understand that already from above? :)

If you are in good books of your boss only then you get good rating or promoted.

You work, your boss takes the promotions, you get fired.

India R&D BU heads are so uninspiring,they turned the team into mortals in last 3-4 years, the whole team is disengaged.

I have seen committed hard working people becoming disengaged in last couple of years.

Either they bully or penalise in Appraisals if you don't 'fall in line' or you will be sidelined.

Some of the good people left the company already, there are only few good people, if they leave the R&D will fall apart, but BU heads may still get promotions.

It would be sad for the company which came this far to fall apart because it is lead by wrong people.

BU heads are totally dishonest,probably paint a rosy picture to US team and show some shining objects and divert the attention from the real rot.US team see only what India heads wants to show, I guess they dont even question them.

I am not sure if this is same in other BUs.

Advice to management:

R&D is critical group in the company, you want leave it in wrong hands and let whole company suffer?

Can you take one some tough decisions in the intrest of the company? Is it not the time to move on here?

Can you connect with people on the floor beyond BU head? Do skip levels and understand ground reality.

Protect the people who works on the ground and can deliver for you.

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All are saving their a--, that’s nature of IT job. We can’t blame anyone, knowing all these facts working in this company that is our mistake. Isn’t it?

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Very accurate analysis , this company will slowly bleed to death unless current R&D leadership in India is changed,these guys take all the fame and use their team as cannon fodder, they don't take any responsibility for any of thier own failures, they are narcissistic and don't hesitate throw their own team under bus for their own failures

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