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At least 700 to be cut by mid August

Next layoffs are Not in September, the target is to bring down employee count to 700-800 by mid of august. So one more layoffs, don't wait if your rating in last appraisal is less than 4. If you want to wait to take my comments seriously then mid of august is not too far.

Can anybody confirm if this is true? It's not a huge difference between mid August and September, but it'd be nice to be prepared.

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MetricStream employees job is dependent on quarterly revenue. This quarter revenue met because June layoffs and around 200 people resigned between June and September. September layoffs are postponed to December or January depends when revenue or profit is calculated. Is it safe to work in a place where employee job depend on every quarter profits? Think once.

MetricStream thought is to reduce the count to 500 by 2018 Q1, why should we give the chance to MetricStream, lets we move and bring the count down what they are expecting.

Many are started leaving which is good sign. Other end management is trying to stop them, note that the manager asking to stay back is not going to save you when your name listed in termination list. You are useful only till you need for the project, after that they just throw you. I can list out the names of good employees terminated just because no billing company getting for them.

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God only can save if anyone staying after the April and June terminations. Remember company management lied in April saying there are no more layoffs but they did in June. Whiever trying to stop people who want to leave, Don't believe anyone from management and stay back, that's the only I can suggest.

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I'm hearing people have put down paper . Mass Exodus is on the way. Apparently now they are trying to save employees, but I guess no one is going to stay, only except some chu tiyas who can swallow their pride or the ones who can swallow Boss's tide.

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Wait and see September started. People should understood situation by this time and planned to leave MSI, if not time will answer and the answer is not too far. Remember no one is safe, it is depend of how cranky management is on the day list is prepared.

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More cuts in September, mark my words. My manager just said: NO COMMENT

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