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Goodbye Sprint

It's been a long time coming. Way back in the 90's when I would be assigned for a contract.."oh s##t, Sprint!" First two weeks would be sitting around reading manuals since i had no userid. It was like trying to run thru molassas. People really didn't seem to have a clue. Then, after Y2K..what was I thinking? I actually hired on. What a mess! The girl throwing up in the toilet from stress. The arogant men who didn't work, just talked about how smart they were. The favoritism and crushing hatred, cliques, superiority. I could say about me, but I wish I had hired .... Worst place ever. I still have nightmares.

Good bye Sprint. Maybe it'll be so quiet in Overland Park that we can hear a pin drop.

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Tim is just a military a--hole

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It's not that bad but it's bad. I've worked here for about 7 years now and things are getting progressively worse. Sad.

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