Thread regarding Safeway Inc. layoffs

Any hourly employee want to do something that will look awesome on a resume

in the event that you get laid off?

Here's the thing. I'm an hourly employee that is stuck at the bottom of the ladder. I mean stuck because it's fairly obvious that they don't want me to become a manager. That's fine. Anyways, Safeway has this thing called HR direct. However, it's kind of incomplete. What I am doing is "extending the application" such that it will be somewhat useful to us hourly workers. I put the phrase "extending the application" in quotes because to the best of my knowledge, Safeway doesn't provide a public platform to people at the store level to extend the application. As a result, I'm using a third party platform to do the application extensions.

The project consists of multiple parts.

1)The layout

2)Connecting my application to Safeway HR Direct. In strict industry speak, I, and I quote "Am writing a module and then attaching this to a monolithic application using a platform."

3)Unit tests. I think this is also known as the implementation tests

4)Instrumentation tests. Aka, testing the behavior of the GUI.

I also have two branches. The development and test branch. And the release branch. However, this part is kind of hackish since the platform I'm using has issues when it comes to pushing a code patch vs deploying one.

I figure this might be awesome for anyone who is going to school at the same time. My reasoning is that this would be a good springboard for a better job.

The rest. Well, I have no idea. If you listen to the overpaid jerks behind a desk, I'm just some idiot that doesn't know anything until it's trained. Whatever.

If anyone is interested, well, just reply. And I'll figure out some way to contact you.

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My god. 11 months later and the brains at the corporate office still can't fix this HR direct. So with that....

Despite the fact that everyone thinks I'm stupid and unmotivated, I got an unofficial hourly employee phone app version of HR Direct. How is this different than the stuff given to us by corporate? Well...

1)I can correctly get the work schedule with one click of a button.

2) It even works if you have internet connection.

3) It can remind you when you have to work next.

The parts I'm still working on is having the site contact me to remind me when I have to work next. Think Joshua from the 80s movie Wargames.

More or less, this app mimics Facebook and Gmail app UI/UX.

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