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Hess can't last like this!

A company can't last that has people in lead positions that don't even understand how things work or know what their people even do! You also can't go from having parts you need to keep things running to being weeks out to get these parts to keep things running. Also pulling people out of the field to go to trainings and meetings that have nothing to do with their jobs is crazy.

Agree completely, @OITrJP1-elwe. Things have been changing lately, and not for better, a clear sign of lack of knowledge and experience of those on top. If we continue like this, layoffs are inevitable.

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Shame on exploration people. The new exploration leadership all take the advantage from the previous Guyana team who did dataroom and propose the top level SVP business dev. and strategy, then capture this block. They removed almost all these people who captured this block when the Liza well successfully discovered a giant field. Shame on you ex-bp employees become the exploration leadership in Hess and took the advantage without any respect at all when they blamed us to drill a stupid trap before the spud of this well. We felt that these kind of behaviour that make this company lost respect from previous employees and disregard among the peers.

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