Thread regarding Middleby Corp. layoffs

Middleby management salvaging earnings on account of employees

Looks like the Executive Board of Directors are trying to salvage earnings to show their share holders at the end of the year?? No other reason than that!!!!! Over expectations, unrealistic growth projections along with inflated target earnings for 2017 proposed in 2016 set this collapse in motion! Word is layoff will exceed 1000+ employees... Recent hit on 8/17/2017 took its toll on 400+ talented, dedicated, true professionals. Some that had been with the company for over 20 years... Very sad... Its all about the bottom line with these Publicly Traded companies!!!.... People and families are not important up against the $$$!!! Maybe they should fire those Executive's Committee members ie: CEO, CFO responsible for misleading share holders with fake projections and poor management?? A lot to be said for small business and Private held companies...

Well said, @OXo2uCg-4edl. I am dreading the following months, since we know much more is coming.

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Any more updates that can be shared on the employment situations?

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