Thread regarding McKesson Corp. layoffs

McKesson re-locations and layoffs in Texas

Announcement made last week in Las Colinas, TX office, several jobs going to Genpact.

Why you ask? Oh, because they do such a good job!

Relocate Carrollton, TX employees and One Post staff to Las Colinas, then can them and send their jobs to India. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Posted by @OGmVhpO-lesp, can anybody confirm this?

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Ok..pretty poor grammar there

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McK doe not need to send job to India. They brought them to Los Colinas. Just walk areound the floors.

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Tell your Texas based friends ya'll !!

Tell them what? McK is a joke? Management and IT are inept and discriminatory?

McK lacks reliable, empathetic leadership?

Hahaha, keep the jokes rolling, "Friendly HR Pro"

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And lots of open headcount still in US pharma. Tell your Texas based friends!

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It is true.

US Pharma is relocating to Las Colinas from One Post. That was announced last year. Employees made "look and see" visits to Texas courtesy of McKesson, they had to give notice by May and reapply for their jobs. Several are NOT relocating.

The move is ongoing and expected to be complete by April 2018. And...some Las Colinas jobs are being outsourced also. That was announced last week I believe it's an AR Department for National Accounts. Genpact already handles most of Pharma Finance AR duties anyway. Handles poorly I may add..

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