Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Solaris Org impact

Starting the thread to assess the impact. Please provide details.

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Virtually all of the old ISV Engineering (fka MDE) was wiped away. Solaris ISVs and IHVs should not hold their breath.

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People, you need to face reality. The interest in Solaris was in a steep decline. Even back when Solaris was a customer selectable pre-installed option, the number actually shipped was mouse nuts. Then, the preinstall was killed. In my space we use only Linux and it's been that way for years. Reality is a bitter pill.

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Oracle’s Safra Catz: We Didn’t Buy Sun to Sue Google


May 16, 2016

Credit Oracle for giving it's (Sun) Systems Group more than enough rope,

Given the circumstances of the acquisition no one would have faulted them

for ending SPARC and Solaris right after the deal closed.

The writing has been on the wall for several Quarters.

There are limits based in economic reality. Stockholders have

become impatient. Markets have changed and business plans have

had to be altered and Cloud Migration accelerated lagging behind

the growing competition necessitating more acquisitions.

As recently reported by the press Oracle layed off many employees

primarily from VP Fowler's (Solaris/SPARC) hardware systems division,

Oracle did not acquire Sun Microsystems in order to launch

a copyright lawsuit against Google, but rather to protect its products

that relied on Sun's software, Oracle chief executive Safra Catz told

jurors on Monday.

Questioned by Oracle attorney Annette Hurst, Catz explained how her

company reached the decision to purchase Sun Microsystems.

"When the Internet bubble imploded in 2001, a number of companies

began to have problems," Catz explained. "Some recovered, and some didn't."

She continued:

Sun Microsystems, by 2005 and 2006, was having some problems. There was

a new CEO with a new strategy that was very unsuccessful. We were

concerned there would be issues with funding Java, and Java was absolutely

critical for our platform, our products. We did a very fast due diligence,

and we actually outbid IBM and agreed with Sun that we would acquire them.

In the company's view, "Java was the single most important asset Oracle

ever acquired," Catz said. "We intended to invest in it and bring the

Java community together and come out with new versions of Java."

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Oracle should open source everything Solaris related and see what happens.

It'd be pretty damn funny, considering that they made a total mess of everything open source Solaris related at acquisition time. I'm not sure how they could have done it worse.

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It's a damn shame what's happened to Solaris. Best of luck to those laid off.

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Oracle should open source everything Solaris related and see what happens.

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Best rumor says it is shut down completely everything inside original Sun campus. It was a rock hanging on a rope for a long time. Sadly, there is not too much in the package even for someone spent most of their carrier life with it. Happy labor day.

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It's a very very very high percentage (80-95%). We don't have exact numbers yet but:

  • all of Userland (FOSS like GNU, Python, Perl, OpenStack, etc.)

  • almost all of virtualization (zones). A couple of engineers were left to keep the lights on

  • almost all of core kernel / IO, again, a couple of engineers left to keep the lights on

  • all but a half-dozen QE/QA

  • most front-line managers, second-line managers, and directors. Some were able to get a transfer to other parts of the company.

  • all of the Install team

  • most / all of the IPS team.

I'm not sure about the network team but I'm assuming the hits there are similar.

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