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Solaris 11.4 getting killed ?

Heard from one of solaris engineer that s11.4 release may not happen - he says some of the solaris engineers also hit by zfs rifs !

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@P567KiX-1zjf - Yep. The last time I dealt with Solaris was ..... hmmmmmm. A long time ago.

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You guys still don't understand. There is no market for Solaris. Get over it. Start learning Linux asap.

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The solaris folks are expecting another layoff after oow ! they are already cherry picking who can help releasing patch bundles. So solaris 11.4 will never see the light.

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solaris 11.never

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They are naming it like the new iphone

( iphone x)

So expect the new polished and amazing "Solaris X"

The next big thing !!

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I think they should just continuously deliver it.

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2 options ..

either completely kill it and take some crucial stuff into 11.3 patches


take more time for stabilizing it and release bit late with current resources (more unlikely)

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Everyone in solaris team is looking out including the two vps. As sparc is dead they already reduced the scope of 11.4 and they may do a cosmetic release that doesn't worth anything. ES thinks the new college grads can do Linux BMC better than the unix veterans.

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Many Solaris engineers were hit this round. Very curious to see if 11.4 ever sees the light of day.

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