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What other numbers were under-reported?

Ok so they grossly under estimated the number of fake accounts. But I wonder if they also under estimated the number of people that were let go because of the pressure to sell. As I recall. Some 5,300 people were fired nut I'm guessing the real number is closer to 10,000 employees. Don't have any data to back this up other than looking at how Wf counts fake accounts.

I am with you on this, @P2RS9TE-3onw. I will not be surprised if Wells Fargo intentionally under-reported the number of people who were fired due to fake accounts. This company has absolutely no morals, as it has proven again and again, so no surprise there.

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I'm assuming due to the high turner of minimum wage bankers and tellers that with 3 additional years of investigation that there should have been more people at the low level involved. But we have to ask how many people either left or were fired because they didn't want to partake in this scam?

Also, because CA State Attorney General Kamala Harris has instigated a criminal investigation of a conspiracy at WF to commit identity theft, she has subpoenaed all electronic records, email etc. to identity the names, addresses, social security numbers and full identity of all low level employees and their managers up the chain of command. The criminal investigation is just getting started WF is only dealing with the regulatory and civil tort cases thus far.

"May you live in interesting times." ancient Chinese curse.

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