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What happened to DTS?

I used to work for the DTS division back in 2014 and got out of there due to the crappy way things were done there. I was curious and I don't see any mention of that division on the oceaneering site and my linked-in research shows my old boss along with a few uppers working for other companies. What happened?

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Ah, Well that explains why I don't see it listed any longer. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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The division was dissolved around the beginning of 2016 and the remaining employees merged with IWOKS. I disagree with your point that things were done poorly there, but would absolutely agree that the division was managed poorly. By that I mean there was a lot of good talent that executed projects efficiently and profitably. Unfortunately due to the promotion and favoritism of several inexperienced engineers to Engineering Team Lead positions (specifically the two who sat in offices on the North side of the building, one of whom is now in corporate development), many of those talented individuals left long before the oil price drop affected DTS. The DTS business model only worked with extremely versatile and talented engineers. This is not why DTS was merged with IWOKS but rather why it has limped on ever since, as a fleeting shadow of its former greatness.

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