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Any XTO Energy Layoffs updates?

Please post

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Sara "The Fake" Ortwein. Aka "Stick Thumb" loves and cares about you and wants you to go home..but without a job. So much for that employee care. Worst deal XTO has ever made for the employees of the San Juan Basin area when they were sold to Hilcorp. Many many people lost their jobs and XTO drug their feet and sluffed off the employees for the first time ever. XTO has always made sure employees were well taken care of in an asset sale. Not this time. San Juan Basin Employees were treated like crap and XTO showed little to no care about the employees and their families. Welcome to Sara's XTO. "We care about our employees and families" until money is involved, then she could give two sh--s about you, just proving, they don't give a sh-- about you. All they care about is that you go home so she doesn't have her numbers look bad to stock holders while she sips martinis on the beaches with her family. A tragedy to an XTO legacy, destroying all that was XTO in Ft. Worth and slowly destroying it in all areas. At least Bob Simpson made sure his people were well taken care of when he sold to Exxon, back when Exxon actually had brains running the company. (Rex Tillerson)

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No layoffs, no need to.... relocating all jobs to Houston XOM Campus, those that do not want to move will be quitting and moving on to other companies.

Just sold their Raton office and fields, 50+ will be going to the new owner...

No need to layoff with that all happening.

Rumor of additional divestitures as well...

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