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I was not laid off by PNC, I left on my own!

Worked at PNC for over 10 years. At some point, with accumulated experience I was training other folks in branches - they've kept me in capacity for about 18 months... Be aware, number of branches will go down - things are being automated. The bank is large and you are a number, you will be treated as a number they cannot manage differently - they will try to sell you a 'we are all family' story - in reality, there will be executives and their bonsues and there will be you (just a number and a vehicle for them to extract those bonuses)...

For this set-up to work, your professional growth has to be limited, your benefits need to be limited and your salary increases need to be limited - if you do not believe me, check out Glassdoor, it's peppered with stores about low pay and lack of growth.

If you've been around the block, you will notice that PNC is strongly political - it's part of the culture -

from branches to corporate offices - You will be perplexed by brown nosing and a culture of "the old school tie" has resulted in an extemely close nit situation.

PNC trainers within the customer care center are constantly drink - you'll have to cope with this even if you do not like or approve alcohol use. Almost all of them are very proud of it. Some of my peers used to get a drink a lunch time - this is frequent...

Some managers are good, most really do not care about you - management at night or weekends often showed up late or drunk or both - it was just horrendous.

In summary, while you can learn a few things at PNC, you may want to look into other options - if I had an adult child I would not recommend him or her to join PNC, the culture is not good... PNC runs on hyper-hypocrisy, which is very scary considering the influence and might of this once great bank....

You've been warned!

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Love the disgruntleds......look in the mirror, maybe you aren't the employee you think you are. PNC has been a fine place to work, but, like other places, has its quirks. Here's a memo: not many companies anymore truly care or look out for you. Take care of yourself, understand its a business and make the most of it. Get yours before you get got!

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I am a current branch manager and have worked for PNC for 15 years. It sounds to me that you never had an opportunity to work with people that are engaged and like their job and coworkers. There is no way to ever please everyone but I 100% disagree with you statements. I don't drink nor get drunk and neither do my fellow branch managers. I can't speak to your former work environment but I am sorry you didn't get to experience the true PNC family.

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I retired from PNC after 45 years. I loved my job and loved working with customers. PNC was very good to me as a branch manager. The employees and customers were my family. I would recommend PNC anytime. As a matter of fact, I still recommend them to family and friends.

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