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Advanced Input Layoffs

The new president Joe made deep cuts and laying off lots of people at Advanced Input Devices in Coeur d Lene, Idaho on 10-5-17. First a couple VP were let go and 2 weeks later 32 people were grabbed and pulled into a room 1 and 2 at a time with no warning and walked out the door like they broke some company rules. Everyone from office workers to mangers to production workers.

AIS has not gone down but not grown as much as corp was planning so they made layoffs for a quick profit before the end of the year. Quite a few people that were let go were people with 15+ years at the company. Everyone is expecting more and maybe doors closing before to much longer.

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Mid level management was not included in the layoff process, at least that is what was told to laid off employees. managers on 10/7 and 10/8 telling remaining employees that if they speak about the layoffs or about anyone laid off on company time they will be next on the chopping block.

This company has touted being family and employee centered behaved as poorly in letting these dedicated employees (15 yrs plus) go. Human resources personal rude and arrogant to employees who dared to ask questions about the process for choosing who gets laid off. President in charge of location nowhere to be found during layoffs, hides under desk like a coward.

Employees chosen to remove laid off workers escorted employees around as if they had stolen from the company. Terrible way to end these relationships. Many off the employees are speaking to attorneys as the process for choosing the employees appears to be age and also may be tied to favoritism.

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