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Pnc Bank is a terrible place to work

Pnc Bank is a terrible place to work. I worked there for eleven years and all they're about is money. They take money from their employees and their customers. They charge customers $5 for money orders, $10 for cashier's checks and charge non-customers $10 to cash a Pnc checks. As for employees we get money when we talk a customer into opening a checking account, credit card, loans etc. Well I should say we are suppose to receive money, however we usually do not get this money. Pnc has a lot of rules and reasons why you for not get money you are owed. In my case they took money from me that was not theirs to take. Pnc Bank is not a bank you want to invest money in. On second thought invest it, if you want to have your money stolen from you. Take my advice, do not work here, or put money in this bank. Instead run away from Pnc and take your money somewhere safe.

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Don't make blanket statements. My area has seen bonuses of around 20% for the past 4 years. Oh, and the concept of charging fees for performing services isn't really something new, its called Economics 101. What other companies would you like to provide free services for its customers? Can you believe I went to a Dry Cleaner and they charged me $1- to wash my shirt? I have had no issues with time off for anything. Maybe you have a crappy mgr., not a crappy company.

You don't want to invest in PNC Einstein? Check the stock charts......PNC makes $1+ billion per quarter.


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All they care about is bigger bonuses for upper management! I have experienced this by putting in years of them talking family but when I needed some time because of health issue with my brother I got shoved out!

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