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Wells Fargo to cut many project managers

I just heard from my HR friend that WF is preparing to cut many project managers as a way to save money. She said the cuts will be announced later this year and be implemented in early 2018. The enterprise is still finalizing the amount of money they need to save and that will dictate how many PMs lose their job.

Can anybody confirm this?

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Most project managers are glorified executive assistants. If you notice on most project calls, there are multiple PMs. It seems excessive to have a tech PM, a business PM, a program leader, and endless reviewers for every project. Cut half the PMs and bet you'd get twice the output.

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I wonder how much of this is "project managers" who were actually just highly paid administrative assistants. Job family politics are so stupid.

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Enterprise Project Managment Office

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I'm not surprised project managers are being let go they're the first people in fact to get cut because new projects are getting canceled due to cost cutting. I believe it.

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