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Main losers at Nuance are the patients

So much happier since September layoffs of 2016. I used to love my job and the level of satisfaction, knowing I was helping patients in need of quality medical care. But Nuance spoiled that and left me feeling like the worm they treated me as. Not everyone was terrible. Some supervisors really cared and understood. But others left me feeling that patients would just be way better off if I would disappear. I went from being named one of the best transcriptionists at a major local acute care hospital to being accosted with the fact that both my quality and quantity were in the tank. No wonder... when you're made to be so paranoid of making even the tiniest mistake, guess what? You start making so many mistakes, you become the very fodder for layoffs that they're hoping for, and the biggest loser is quality patient care. But that's not what it's about at Nuance. It's about production, the bottom line and how many employees in Heyderebad can replace you at a fraction of the cost, notwithstanding an accompanying fraction of the quality of the work. Welcome to one more aspect of the deterioration of quality patient care. MAIN LOSERS: Patients. So sad.

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