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Goodbye GCO....

First of all, the GCO is probably the next department to be moved to Las Colinas, TX. In fact, upper management is making jokes in particular about Ethics and Compliance being next team on the chopping block.

In a nutshell, it is rumored by management for the entire GCO to head that way by 2019-2021. Already, they have brought the zit-faced 22 year old management consultants from McKinsey (who don't know their head from as*es) to come and roll out all of this crap.

The head of litigation no longer sits in SF. Clue #1. It's slowly but surely becoming a skeleton staff in SF, which is why a buttload of attorneys have already left for Salesforce, Fitbit, and the head Pharma attorney went to Grail, Inc. (Those were the nice attorneys)

Hiring now has to be done in lovely TX, Atlanta (where it's 1852), and Arizona. The 1 Post will soon resemble a Soviet satellite nation's government offices. There is ZERO hiring to be done in San Francisco.

I am not sure that it's a bad thing. The Iron Lady's right hand serves the function of gathering gossip about the legal department employees and telling it to her. She's not really attuned into anything anyway. So, I guess that she needs a Falstaff character to entertain her and guarantee technical difficulties at every GCO All Hands meetings. (LOL) The less of us, the less gossip can be relayed.

Another plus is of this migration is that another delightful paralegal who has powerful backing can no longer draw power from also spreading vicious stories about legal department employees. The less of us, the less stories....never have I have seen a department where one paralegal has so much power to spread so much toxic energy into a workplace. HR-please RIF her first!

One more positive note is that there are now more gross male attorneys adding "funch" invites to females' outlook calendars. Dude, I understand that you rank high in the department, but when you are powerful, married, but corpulent-not all of us wants to go to lunch with you for 4 hours with the explicit directions that we are not coming back after work. I still have the screenshot if HR is interested in finding out more...

That brings me to HR-they don't care and do much. Except send multiple renditions of the same email within the span of 5 minutes. Sorry, you lost my respect despite your esteemed education when you can't even send out an invite correctly the first or third time around.

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I cannot believe what I'm reading :D

Really, really sad

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The posting is correct. The head compliance now sits in NJ, not SF. Hence, credence to the statement that Ethics and Compliance team would likely be next on the chopping block.

McKesson GCO is where attorneys go to die. As for the work dynamic, the pettiness is rather amazeballs. It's like Game of Thrones except the stakes are so trivial. No one wonder the fat males are engaging in their own extracurricular activities whilst waiting for a severance package. One must pass the endless days of ennui somehow...

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