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The old guard at Save Mart needs to go

You have a CEO who has no knowledge of the grocery business being told by old timers how to be successful in a modern market. You have corporate blaming the store levels for. 5.5% decrease in sales. You promote this lifer to the highest position and lay off the young people who want change. Putting more and more stress in the stores creating a fracture from the stores and corporate and nothing changes. Well this is her answer. Save money by laying off those up top but not with any time or reason. Like the poster says Jeep the I ifers not the skilled. The lifers need to go. The old guard needs to go. Need to change the culture by chance gong the way you treat all your employees. You can't stop the exedus of tallent when your captain can't even stear the ship.

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It is sad I worked there 40

Years and know many x or retired supervisors and they cannot believe how fast things have gone to hell since Bob became ill and turned the company over to the inept Steve and crew to run it into the ground, when Bob passed one supervisor that retired called and said he would come back and help, no call. I talk to

Many store managers and

Employees and they are in great fear of what will she Nicole will do next? Most of the outsiders are in shock that the inept now owner has not brought in a top tier leader from Costco/Winco to steer this company into where it should never have gone, down like An rock. It isn't rocket science what needs to be done! Don't blame the over paid employees when Winco who is kicking their a-- chain wide pays their employees better overall and better retirement and benefits!

I know this for a fact as have friends there at all levels and their top folks are really taken care of. Savemart still has a chance to turn it around and lower prices, and get the traffic back, but the weekly ads have to go and go overall lower prices evrynday, get their stores cleaned up, and get some new ideas to bring back their lost customer count! I assume this will be the last year for the /6 year club dinner as I see from my connections Nichole has really toned

Down this years event, sad screw all the hard working folks that built the company and made Bob a billionaire! Really will hurt the company as the bad feelings spread, and the word is out. What a shame for the once mighty to see it sink so

Low. The best thing that could happen is Kroger buy her out completely and put some money back into the stores remodeling and transportation bring the managers all together and lift their spirits, savemart blew it when they did not bring in the employees like Bob did and ask what is going wrong? What do we need to do to get out customers and employees and retirees back shopping here??? I have talked to the store managers and they are shocked how few employees shop their own stores and how many retired shop elsewhere like winco! My god terrible!

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Very well said. If the lifer had some experience it may be understandable but anyone who has taken HR or business 101 can tell you these archaic practices will only get the company further in debt due to litigation with the way this is mismanaged. Blatant discrimination happening. If you have any experience in your field you are a threat and given the option to take a demotion while they promote a cheaper idiot who will be a yes person. The DFEH and ACLU are going to love this one

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Well said.

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